The campus has several exhibition spaces dedicated to the Art/Science dialogue, architecture, the History of Information Technology and scientific instruments.

Sculptures by artists, sometimes gigantic, are also part of the campus’ architecture and history.

Inaugurated in autumn 2016, this building is structured around three spaces dedicated to the enhancement, through technology, of a scientific, historical and cultural heritage.

Exchange platform for exhibitions and public conferences on architecture.

The ASTIE Association organizes exhibitions of paintings/photographs in the cafeteria of the STI faculty.

This museum presents 224 scientific instruments, mostly used for teaching and research in physics at the Academy, and then, since 1890, at the University of Lausanne.

This museum preserves many witnesses of the history of Swiss IT, including those designed at EPFL.

Le Cabanon is an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary creation at the University of Lausanne.

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Works of art fixed on campus

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