Implicit Bias Awareness

Implicit Bias Awareness

In our work environment and in everyday live, we are constantly in situations where we take decisions that affect others. Unbiased decision-making is a key asset for many reasons. Ethical, but also from a “business” point of view.

Marianne Schmid Mast is full professor of Organizational Behavior at HEC at the University of Lausanne.
She has created all modules in the Sections “Avoiding Implicit Bias” and “Implicit Bias in Recruitment Procedures”



Essential learnings that help you recognize implicit bias, identify manifestations of implicit bias and apply appropriate actions to overcome bias.

Recruitment in general

Basics & implicit bias awareness in key moments in hirings (announcement, selection, interviews)

Faculty recruitment

Basics & implicit bias awareness in key moments in Faculty recruitments (announcement, committee composition, selection, interviews)