Research is anchored in the academic structure of EPFL. It draws from specific competences and infrastructures on both campuses, in what is a unique two-way bridge for graduate research and education between the Middle East and Switzerland. The Research focuses on specific topics at the heart of sustainable development: Wind, Renewable Energies and, Energy Management, Water Resources, Sustainable Urban and Architectural Design, Sustainable Multimodal Transportation.

Ongoing graduate research projects, a sample of which is presented in these pages, are good examples of our focus and of our research activities. These projects are conducted by brilliant and enthusiastic young scientists, lead by world-class Faculty. Together, they are pioneers, working on a more sustainable future for us, for our youth, and for the generations to come.


Each innovation program focuses on one of the thematic areas of EPFL Middle East conducted jointly between Ras Al Khaimah and Lausanne. Projects are developed and chosen for their potential or planned applications in contexts that are relevant for the region. They generally imply collaborations with a local institutional or private partner.

Current research projects involving students and Faculty are presented below. Information about current projects and existing opportunities can be obtained directly from the Dean’s office.