LMTM – PX-Group chair – Thermomechanical Metallurgy Laboratory

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Metallurgy and Manufacturing

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Research at LMTM – PX-Group chair is focused on the control and design of microstructures in metals and alloys through a combination of thermal and mechanical treatments.


My Thesis in 180s – MT180 – EPFL 2020 – 3 out of 14 finalists from LMTM !

Navid Sohrabi – Finalist

Bulk metallic glasses shaped using selective laser melting

The program CQFD of 24.05.2021 on RTS1 was about the “MT180” contest. Find the whole program (in french) here.


Laboratory of Thermomechanical Metallurgy (LMTM)


rue de la Maladière 71b, CP526
CH-2002 Neuchâtel

Head of Lab:
Prof. Roland Logé
Ph: +41 21 695 4269

Secretary :
Joëlle Banjac
Ph: +41 21 695 4426

How to find us:

Our lab is part of the Neuchâtel campus of EPFL..
<15 minutes <15 minute walk from Neuchâtel train station..


Access map