Thermomechanical testing and heat treatments

Gleeble 3800 – Hydraulic computer controlled testing and simulation system. 200kN compression, 100kN tension, 2 m/s, 1700°C, tests can be done under vacuum or controlled atmosphere

Binder ED-115 – Heating oven, max 300°C, capacity 115 l, 50 kg

Nabertherm RHT08/17T – Tubular furnace, max 1700°C, hot zone 70 mm diameter x 300 mm length in vacuum/controlled atmosphere

Borel TL-1100-8 – Furnace, max 1100°C

Nabertherm L9/SH – Furnace, max 1200°C

Borel FP-1400-5 – Furnace, max 1400°C

Borel CU 1050-2 – salt bath furnace, max 1050°C, salt bath dia. 80mm depth 140 mm (0.7 litre)

Ulvac Riko RHL-VHT-E48 – Infrared furnace, max 1800°C, 24 kW, hot zone 10 mm diameter x 60 mm length with controlled atmosphere

Computer controlled temperature acquisition system with National Instruments NI PCI-6281 16 channel data acquisition card and SCXI-1102C amplifier, combined with Delristor Icell for precise temperature reference


Olympus CX-41RF-6 – Optical microscope

Leica DM6000M – Optical microscope

SEM GeminiSEM450 equipped with Symmetry EBSD camera and UltimMax EDS detector

Sample preparation and characterization

Bühler Isomet LSS – Disc saw

Well 3242 – Diamond wire saw

Well 6500 – Diamond wire saw

ATM Brillant 210 – Disc saw

ATM Opal 410 – Hot mounting press

Escil ESC 300 GTL – Manual polisher

ATM Saphir 520 – Automatic polisher

ATM Kristall 620 – Electrolytic polisher

Bühler VibroMet 2 – Vibrating polisher

Qness Q10A – Automatic hardness measurement by micro-indentation

SINT Technology MTS3000 Restan – Automatic system for determining residual stresses by the hole drilling strain-gauge method

Additive manufacturing

Laboratory Laser Powder Bed Fusion machine for metal powders

Thales Optonique SAS SAGA HP IR – IR Laser for shock peening

Hosokawa – Powder Characteristics Tester