The laboratory is very grateful for the generous financial support of PX-Group.

Financial support from the following agencies and organizations is also gratefully acknowledged:

Swiss National Science Foundation
Thermomechanical testing for microstructure design in metals and alloys (R’Equip, 2014)
Variant selection and texture inheritance in martensitic steels(FNS, 2015-2019)

Tailoring microstructures and properties in metal based AM parts (2015-2016)

CCMX Challenge AM3 (2016-2021) – Additive Manufacturing and Metallic Microstructures
Academic Partners : EPFL (LMTM and COSMO labs), EMPA, PSI
Industrial partners : GE-Alstom, Heraeus Materials SA, Oerlikon Metco, Rolex, Richemont-Varinor, Swatch-Asulab, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet.

CTI ProjectMultiscale study of phase transformation, abnormal grain growth and macro-deformations in red gold alloys (2017-2020)
With two industrial partners.