GEMTOO: A Gain-Cell Embedded DRAM Modeling Tool

Download (ZIP file, 57KB)

GEMTOO is the first modeling tool that estimates timing, memory availability, bandwidth, and area of gain-cell embedded DRAMs (GC-eDRAMs) [1].

  • The tool is based on input parameters related to technology, circuits, and memory architecture of GC-eDRAMs to enable a rapid design space exploration.
  • The physical floorplan of the GC-eDRAM is considered in the estimation of memory metrics, thereby accounting for the impact of the memory architecture and the load given by the interconnects.
  • An accurate timing estimation is provided by modeling the effect of the deterioration of the stored data in the bitcell.
  • The tool is implemented in a modular structure to allow for the selection or the introduction of different modeling strategies.


[1] A. Bonetti, R. Golman, R. Giterman, A. Teman, and A. Burg, “Gain-Cell Embedded DRAMs: Modeling and Design Space”. IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, 2019.

How to use the tool

The following instructions can be used to execute a provided example:

  • Download the zip archive and extract it
  • Change directory to gemtoo/matlab
  • Launch MATLAB
  • Execute run_and_print.m