Wireless Communications and Sensing

Project descriptions will be published by the end of the semester lectures. If you are already interested in the general topic, or have project proposal related, feel free to already contact us.

Low-power Wide-area Networks

Low-power wide-area networks are enabling many Internet of Things applications, offering large coverage with minimal power consumption. At TCL, we study the performances attained by such networks in term of reliability, scalability and efficiency. Thanks to the usage of software-defined radios, we develop prototypes to improves or build new functionalities over existing technologies (e.g. LoRa).

Contact: Joachim Tapparel

Sensing with Wireless Communication Signals

We offer semester projects related to wireless sensing. The common theme of these projects is the use of wireless communication signals for sensing, which is one of the main innovation fields discussed for Beyond 5G and 5G next generation wireless systems. With the features of wireless links such as channel state information or channel impulse response, we detect the environment with WiFi or ultra wide-band (UWB) signals. In these projects, you will set up a sensing system of UWB/WiFi transceivers, extract their channel estimates and process them with conventional DSP algorithms or with ML algorithms with the objective of sensing the activity or vital signs of people in the environment.

Contact: Sitian Li, Andreas Kristensen