Scientific Staff

Professor and Director

Professor Andreas Peter Burg

[email protected]

+41 21 69 36924

ELD 130

Research Associates
Dr Robert Giterman
[email protected]
+41 21 69 31089
ELD 110
Research Assistants / PhD Students
  Orion Afisiadis
[email protected]
+41 21 69 37854
ELD 111

Thomas Christoph Müller
[email protected]

+41 21 69 34690
ELD 132

Sitian Li
[email protected]

+41 21 69 31113
ELD 111
Adrian Schumacher
[email protected]
(external with Swisscom)
Roberto La Rosa (external with ST Microelectronics)
Naci Pekcokguler (external with CEA-LETI)
Academic Guests
Ning Xu
[email protected]
ELD 111

Administrative Staff

 Ioanna Paniara
[email protected]
+41 21 69 31036
ELD 131


Dr Pascal Meinerzhagen Intel Labs, USA
Dr Pavle Belanovic Swisscom, Switzerland
Dr Georgios Karakonstantis Queen’s University, UK
Dr Shrikanth Ganapathy AMD, USA
Dr Christian Senning AWK Group, Switzerland

Dr Adam Teman

Bar Ilan University, Israel

Dr Nicholas Preyss Intel, Germany


Dr. Hazar Yueksel IBM
Dr Andrew Austin University of Auckland, New Zealand
  Dr Jeremy Constantin Apple, UK
Dr Pascal Giard
[email protected]
École de technologie supérieure, Canada
Dr Alexios Balatsoukas-Stimming
[email protected]
TU Eindhoven
Dr Andrea Bonetti
[email protected]
Reza Ghanaatian Jahromi
[email protected]

The official EPFL Unit directory is available here: TCL Unit at EPFL Directory