PostDoc Position

PostDoc in Wireless Communications

The Telecommunications Circuits Laboratory at EPFL is seeking a highly motivated Post-Doctoral researcher in the area of wireless communications. While a solid theoretical background is required, we also put a very strong emphasis on experimental work and on the demonstration of the corresponding ideas and technologies. Hence, a strong interest in hands-on activities, including system prototyping, testbed development, and measureement is an important prerequisite. 

The role of this open position is to lead and drive ongoing research projects with active participation in both theoretical studies and hands-on work in the well-equipped communications lab in collaboration with PhD and MS students. Specifically, the successful candidate will participate in ongoing projects on true full-duplex (MIMO) communication and beam-space MIMO. However, significant freedom to also pursue (and initiate) other interesting directions (mainly in collaboration with MS projects) remains available. Such additional activities include also participation in the labs research line concerned with the development of integrated circuits for communications, but this is not the main focus of this position.

Tasks (in order of importance):

  • Conduct applied research in wireless communications
  • Build communication system prototypes and conduct measurements
  • Contribute actively to Masters and PhD projects
  • Develop and plan system prototypes in collaboration with MS and PhD students
  • Full responsibility of the wireless communications lab, including evaluation and
    purchase of equipment, resource management, technical maintenance of the lab
  • Help in the acquisition of funding for future projects  

Prerequisites and qualifications (in order of importance):

  • Strong background in digital communications and corresponding DSP algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of information theoretic concepts of communication systems
  • Hands-on experience with prototyping of communication systems and communication
    testbeds and/or channel measurements
  • Basic understanding of RF subsystems (from a system/application, not necessarily circuit level)
  • Optional: some experience with design of digital (communication) systems using FPGAs and VHDL

Application process:
To apply for one of the positions above, please send your CV by E-Mail (Subject: “PostDoc Position in Communications”)  to


Prof. Andreas Burg
Telecommunications Circuits Laboratory
E-Mail: [email protected]