Welcome to Telecommunications Circuits Lab





   The Telecommunication Circuits Laboratory (TCL) is part of the Institute of Electrical Engineering at EPFL and concentrates on the development of circuits and systems for digital signal processing with a strong focus on telecommunications. Our work finds application in wireless and wireline communication systems, and in a variety of applications related to telecommunications.

     Our research is concerned with:

  • the development of low-complexity signal processing algorithms for communication technologies,
  • the design of technology demonstrators and prototypes for performance assessment,
  • the hardware-efficient, low-power implementation of digital integrated circuits for VLSI signal processing (in communications, but also other applications) and for embedded systems 
  • the utilization of communication concepts for designing robust/reliable and energy efficient systems (check out the short video on YouTube).

In our work, we focus on a system-level perspective and we try to consider both algorithm and implementation aspects jointly. In particular, we are interested in new, spectrally efficient communication technologies such as multi-antenna wireless communication systems which serve a wide range of applications from cellular systems to local high speed wireless networks. Furthermore, we are interested in wireless and wireline communication links with very high throughput and processing requirements that challenge even the most advanced silicon process technologies. Finally, we are interested in linking concepts from communications (e.g., coding) to future deep submicron integrated circuit technologies which are likely to suffer from reliability issues.

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