Welcome to the new students in the fall semester!

Fall semester 2022 has started and new master students are launching new exciting projects, supervised by LPHE members!

This semester, there will be nine(!) students discovering once a week data acquisition and analysis with small-scale experiments in the 2nd floor labs, supervised by Arvind, María and Serhii (TP4a). A student will work on data analysis for TP4b. Finally four students chose to specialise in particle physics and will work of full-time projects both detector and data analysis related.

The repartition of the projects and their supervisor is the following:

TP4a (every Monday)

  • Cosmic muons, supervised by María: Maeva Thiévant, Mia Zosso and Ninon Cabot
  • Development of cosmic-ray detector, supervised by Serhii: Luca Hartmann, Nelson Glardon and Dariia Berezovska
  • Beta spectrometer, supervised by Arvind: Florent Préau, Kai Kang, Simon Della Santa

TP4b (every Monday)

  • Data analysis project, supervised by Elisabeth: Léa Dreyfus

Specialisation semester (full-time)

  • Detector related project, supervised by Surapat and Federico
  • Data analysis projects

The students doing their specialisation this semester are: Lucas Bezio, Matthieu Leydier, Tobias Monnard and Célia Polivka