ROOT and Collaboration-specific software

In order to be able to use your collaboration software, including ROOT, you have to setup your environment.

Three aliases are provided:

    • setLHCb
    • setCMS
    • setSHiP

After running any of these commands, your environment will be setup according to that group, same as if you were on lxplus.

If you wish to permanently set one of the above environments, simply put the command in your .bashrc. However, if you will be switching between the environments, do not set any for default, as they are not mutually exclusive and sourcing one on top of the other may lead to undesired glitches.

You can see the definitions of the aliases by typing the command $alias.


The only thing that does not directly work is reading from EOS. You have to initialise a proxy as shown below and prepend “root://” to your paths.

export X509_USER_PROXY= Some .txt file where your certificate will be stored (create the file before)
lhcb-proxy-init -cert $X509_USER_PROXY
chmod 750 $X509_USER_PROXY

The last line makes the certificate file accessible by the cluster nodes.