Normal Use

Since we have a variety of types of disk storage, we should arrange our files accordingly.
However, any dataset which may be accessed repeatedly, ranging from 10 Gb upwards, should have a copy on the Panfs system.

Home Disk

The home disk is RAID6 and can tolerate two simultaneous total disk failures. Data which is vital should be stored on this disk. 

N.B.: The space available is large, but not infinite. Therefore please try to keep non-vital files on another disk.


The Panfs system is perfect for rapid simultaneous reading and writing of many files.
Within a typical physics analysis, a user will want to process many files at once.
The Panfs system is therefore perfectly suited to store those files.
As mentioned earlier, most user datasets should be stored here if there will be used in the near future.

Home Area Quota

Each user has a quota of disk space they may use, normally 150 GB. If you go over your quota then you will be unable to make further writes to the filesystem.

In order to check your quota, use the “quota” command:

   Disk quotas for user szczypka (uid 86400):
     Filesystem  blocks   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
                25587548  157286400 157286400           89248       0       0

A block is one kilobyte (kB), so divide that number by 1024*1024 to see how large your quota is in GB.
In this example, I’ve used 24.4 GB of my 150 GB quota.

If you need more space in your home this can be arranged but you will have to provide a clear motivation.
Contact the cluster maintainers for this: [email protected], [email protected].