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28th October 2019, 11:15am (BSP 626):

The milliQan experiment: search for milli-charged particles at the LHC

Matthew Daniel Citron

The milliQan experiment is a detector proposed to search for milli-charged particles that arise in dark sector models and may be produced at the LHC. The detector will consist of several layers of long scintillating bars pointing towards the interaction point at CMS, each paired with a high-gain, low-noise photomultiplier tube capable of measuring a single scintillation photon. In the autumn of 2017 a 1% scale “demonstrator” was installed at the planned site to study the feasibility and develop understanding of the experiment. Over ~35/fb of LHC collision data has been collected by the demonstrator, allowing potential new sensitivity to “centi-charged” particles. In this talk I will discuss the general concept of the experiment, the results from the demonstrator and the plan for the future.

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