SSH access

The cluster is accessible via SSH:

    ssh -Y {user}@lphelc1{a,b}

Password access is deactivated for security reasons so it is necessary to set up ssh keys for your account.
This will allow you to login to a machine without a password.

To create your keys on your local client follow the steps below, when prompted leave the passphrase empty (since we want access without a password):

    ssh-keygen -q -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -N ""

Now you can find your key using

    cat ~/.ssh/

Now you need to put it into the autorised keys file on the cluster account.
Normally you can do this with:

    cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

However if it is the first time you do this you don’t have access to the cluster yet so we will have to do it for you.

So mail your in a plain-text .txt file to the cluster maintainers: [email protected], [email protected].