SHiP charm

SHiP charm is a test-beam which will take at CERN during the summer of 2018. The main goal of the project is to measure the cross-section of the charm-anticharm (c cbar) production for proton-fixed target collisions at incoming energies of 400GeV.

The detector has the following geometry:

  • A fixed-target.
  • A central magnet of about 1.5 Tesla.
  • 4 trackers with 2 downstream and 2 upstream of the magnet.
  • A final muon chamber.

The LPHE is strongly implicated in the SHiP charm project. The laboratory is in charge of the production of scintillating fibre mats as well as the qualification of the SiPM detectors. The latters are going to be installed jointly with the trackers T3 and T4.