Summer 2022: a summary

The members of LPHE have not been sitting around idly during the summer. We participated in several conferences, in which we had the opportunity to present the most recent results of the collaborations. Speaking of collaborations: at the LHCb and SND@LHC collaboration meetings, several LPHE members gave an update on their work and were involved in important discussions about the current state and the future upgrades of the detector! This was a great opportunity to learn more about open questions of the experiments, that will need to be addressed in the future (with some of us involved, hopefully). Some of us took learning about new topics very seriously and dedicated part of their precious summer time to go to (summer) schools. Right before the start of the semester we gathered for our annual “Cheese Outing”, where we went for a small hike and rewarded ourselves with some delicious cheese! Now we’re ready for the new semester.

Conferences and meetings

Summer schools


  • Cheese Outing (1st September), short hike and dinner at a nice restaurant, in les Croisettes (CH)