Welcome to the Fall semester students!

This Fall semester 2023 will be rich in projects!

Nine new first year Master students will lead our three travaux pratiques (TP4a) projects, once a week on Mondays.

  • Cosmic muons, supervised by Luismi: Noémie Duc, Julia Guignon, Lia Lammert
  • Detection of cosmic rays using an electronic calorimeter, supervised by Anni: Eliot Bornand, Kimberly Keyser, Pascal Kolly
  • Beta spectrometer, supervised by Xiafei: Maxence Fugazza, Jules Schadt, Guillaume Wolf

Five students will held their specialization semester by realising two half-semester projects on various topics.

  • Kai Kang will held a project on the SciFi (supervised by Ettore), then contribute to the search for Λb→pKτ+τ at LHCb (supervised by Yunxuan)
  • Simon Della Santa will work on pentaquarks search at LHCb (supervised by Arvind) then continue Kai’s project on the SciFi (supervised by Ettore),
  • Clara Juliette Beaubis will study HNLs at CMS (supervised by Jan) then at LHCb (supervised by Louis)
  • Dariia Berezovska will lead a SciFi project (supervised with Federico) and continue with a search for B decay in multileptons at LHCb (supervised by Vitalii)
  • Luca Hartman will study HNLs at LHCb (supervised by Louis) then at CMS (supervised by Jan)

Finally, five students will finalize their Physics cursus with a Master project at LPHE. They are:

  • Elise Caminel: Medical physics under the supervision of Jérôme Davet and directed by Fred Blanc. The project is based at IRA in Lausanne.
  • Léa Dreyfus: Muons at LHCb, under the supervision of Barbara Sciascia and directed by Olivier Schneider. The project is based at LNF, Frascati.
  • Parzival Nussbaum: γ reconstr. at DAMPE, under the supervision of Chiara Perrina and directed by Chiara Perrina and Olivier Schneider.
  • Timothée Perrin: SIPM performance at cryo, under the supervision of Esteban Curran Rivera and directed by Guido Haefeli and Olivier Schneider.
  • Bastien Turiel: K→πee at NA62, under the supervision of Alina Kleimenova and directed by Rado  Marchevski.

We wish all the students and their supervisors a fruitful and interesting work this semester!