Наші вітання Сергію!

This Friday 22nd September, Serhii Cholak (LPHE-LS) has successfully defended his thesis entitled Search for Heavy Neutral Leptons with LHCb in front of his family, friends and colleagues. During his thesis, Serhii has computed the limit on the mixing parameter |Uµ|2 between the heavy neutral lepton  (HNL) and the Standard Model muon neutrino as a function of the HNL mass and lifetime. Like so, he improved the previous LHCb result by more than one order of magnitude, and the new value he found is competitive with the world-best limit. Serhii also has been working on the development, commissioning and operation of the new PLUME luminometer at LHCb. Finally, he showed particular interest in supervising student projects, for example by developing a cosmic-ray detector (electronic calorimeter) in the lab. He’s pursuing his academic career with a CERN-based post-doctoral position at the University of Boston. We wish him the best continuation!

Prof. Lesya Shchutska and newly Dr. Serhii Cholak proud of the fruit of their labour!