Course and Laboratory Offerings

MSE-234: Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

This course is an introduction to the mechanical behavior, processing, structures and life cycle of the major classes of structural materials (metals, polymers, ceramics and composites)

A. Mortensen, D. Hernández-Escobar

MSE-237: Practice in Materials

The materials practicals aim to give MSE students a direct experimental approach to the concepts acquired in the Introduction to Materials Science and Metals and Alloys courses. Emphasis is set on  (1) the link between microstructure, process and properties, (2) the analysis of measurements and (3) the writing of a technical report.

D. Hernández-Escobar

Lab course on Metals for Civil Engineers

Laboratory Course in connection with the course Matériaux II, offered to Second-year Civil Engineering Students (B.Sc. course)

C. Dénéréaz, L. Sofia