Laminated composites

Laminated composites (in collaboration with UT Tokyo)

A. Cetin, G. Tarantino, A. Cohades, A. Rossoll, L. Weber, A. Mortensen, with former contributions from C. Bernardi

The general focus of the program is to explore layered metallic materials that contain a large fraction of two-dimensional metal/metal or metal/ceramic interfaces. Processing–structure–property relations for such layered metallic materials are investigated with specific focus on their processing, on the formation and structure of interfaces they contain, and on their mechanical behaviour, notably their ductility. We have in recent work explored the influence of strain-rate hardening on the tensile ductility of multilayer metal laminates, which is predicted on the basis of an extension to composites of the Hutchinson-Neale-Ghosh model for the tensile ductility of materials experiencing dual strain and strain-rate hardening.


Fig. 1 Optical micrograph of an as-infiltrated laminated metal composite. The dark phase is steel and the light phase is ZM21 magnesium alloy.