Current projects

 Most of the additive manufacturing processes that are used nowadays to fabricate metallic materials solidify the material onto itself from within a small travelling molten metal pool that is produced by means of a high energy source such as a laser, an electron beam or a plasma. The high intensity of those energy sources gives (…)

This project is a collaboration between our laboratory and EPoS Technologies SA, company located in Switzerland, which has developed a novel field assisted sintering process called Electro-sinter-forging (ESF), by means of which unique metal matrix composite structures can be produced. We explore ESF process capabilities for the production of titanium matrix composites. This comprises the (…)

In this project we aim at addressing the mechanical properties of oxide inclusions within an iron based matrix, as well as the inclusion-matrix interface characteristics. Oxide inclusions are present in the steel as a direct consequence of the steelmaking process and it is well known that their presence and characteristics can exert a large influence (…)