Interface thermal conductance

Interface thermal conductance between metal and dielectrics

C. Monachon, L. Weber

Project Description:
This new research activity aims at understanding the basic heat transfer mechanisms at sound chemically bonded interfaces between metals and dielectrics and finding ways to improve the heat transfer at these interfaces. Apart from the fundamental interest there is a practical motivation to it: In order to make use of highly thermal conducting phases included in metal matrix composites used for thermal management, the inclusions either must be large or the interface heat transfer coeficient between the matrix and the inclusion must be improved. For carbon nanotubes and -fibers size is limited by the growth processes whereas for the readily available “large” diamonds machinability and surface quality becomes an issue.
While the question has already been addressed indirectly in a longer-standing research activity, cf. Diamond/metal composites, the present project addresses the problem by direct measurement of the heat transfer coefficient by a dedicated pump-probe laser setup.

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