LC3 Concrete


  Ahmed Khedda Ilyana - PhD student
  Behçet Ömer Faruk
  Bejjarapu Dhanush Sahasra - PhD student
  Boehm Courjault Emmanuelle
  Malchiodi Beatrice - Postdoctoral researcher
  Scrivener Karen - Full Professor

Research Partners

Limestone Clay Calcined Cement LC3

  • Low-clinker concrete formulation:
    LC3-25, LC3-30, LC3-35, LC3-50.
  • Design of structural concrete mixes of different strength classes:
    from C25/30 to C60/75.
  • Design of structural concrete mixes with low binder content:
    reduction of binder content -> reduction of CO2 emissions. Moving from prescriptive-based standards to performance-based standards. 
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA):
    evaluation of CO2 emission of low-clinker and low-binder LC3 concrete.
  • Mechanical properties of LC3 concrete:
    compressive strength, tensile strength, bending test.
  • Long-term mechanical properties of LC3 concrete:
    shrinkage, compressive creep, tensile creep.
  • Up-scale mechanical testing on LC3 reinforced concrete:
    bending and creep test on real-scale beams.
  • Durability properties of LC3 concrete:
    Chloride Penetration, Carbonation, Sulphate attack.
  • Workability of LC3 concrete:
    improving workability and new test methods.



Calcined Clay
Grinding Aid