PTG – Powder Technology Group

Group Leader: Prof. Paul BOWEN ([email protected])

Welcome to the Powder Technology Group

The Powder Technology Group (PTG) has recently (March 2018) joined the Laboratory of Construction Materials (LMC) after being part of the Powder Technology Laboratory (LTP) at EPFL since 1988. The PTG is concerned with the research, development and processing of inorganic particles ranging from the nanoscale of less than 10 nm to the microscale. The processing comprises various stages of materials fabrication from particles (powders), starting with the particle synthesis to the point of forming and densification to reach the final product.

PTG has as its goals the understanding at a fundamental level these various steps with a view to improving the materials properties of technological importance and to contribute in the development of new and intelligent materials. The control of particle properties such as, narrow size distribution, form factors, chemical uniformity and surface properties is guaranteed by the high level of characterisation methods for particles in the nano and micro range which is part of the R&D activity. The activities of PTG are carried out in the form of projects translating fundamental knowledge of growth and particle interaction mechanisms into the many different areas of application. The current focus of research is on calcium silicate hydrates and calcium phosphates for both construction and biomedical applications. 

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