Injectable Bone Grafting Materials

Responsable: Jacques Lemaître

The SCBG holds a unique position in the field of synthetic bone grafting materials, as a leading research group working on fast resorption CPHCs based on Brushite (dicalcium phosphate dihydrate). These temporary bone substitution materials can be implanted through mini-invasive surgical procedures (e.g. percutaneous injection) and, if necessary, can vectorize active molecules such as antibiotics or bone growth proteins. The effects of factors such as composition, caracteristics of the raw materials and elaboration properties of CPHC on the  injectability, thermal effects, setting rate and mechanical performances are evaluated.

An innovative two-pastes injectable brushite cement has been developed In collaboration with the startup company BoneStar Technology SA, an and is now available on the market for bone reconstruction and orthopaedic applications.

Twin barrel syringe for easy implantation of injectable brushite bone cement (InjectOs, courtesy of BoneStar Technology SA).