Current Research projects – PhD Candidate

Aggregate dissolution in different pore solutions, kinetics

PhD Candidate : Mahsa BAGHERI

Characterization of initial, “second-stage” and synthetic ASR products by TEM with EDS and SAED analysis

PhD Candidate: Solène BARBOTIN

Optimization of the use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) to reduce the clinker content below 50%

PhD Candidate: Yosra BRIKI

Stability and properties of hydrate phase assemblage with high Al content in real microstructure

PhD Candidate: Natechanok CHITVORANUND

Atomistic simulation of Calcium silicate hydrates – from atomistic structure to water-C-S-H interfaces

PhD Candidate: Aslam KUNHI MOHAMED

Investigation of the use of limestone calcined clay cement (LC3) applied to Thailand

PhD Candidate: Wilasinee HANPONGPUN

Synthesis of synthetic C-S-H towards model systems and growth mechanisms

PhD Candidate: Abhishek KUMAR

Analytical and vector modelling of C-S-H kinetics

PhD Candidate: Alexandre OUZIA

Carbonation of low carbon binders

PhD Candidate: Wioletta SOJA

Shrinkage and creep of limestone and calcined clay ternary systems

PhD Candidate: Julien STON

Prediction of autogenous shrinkage in fly ash blended cement systems

PhD Candidate: Hu ZHANGLI

Microstructure of limestone calcined-clay cements and its influence on early-age properties

PhD Candidate: Franco ZUNINO

Impact of the microstructure differences between Lab-Crete and Real-Crete on the resistance to Chloride Ingress

PhD Candidate: Mariana YAMAMOTO