Past projects – LMC

Post-Doctoral Projects since 2019

Fabien Georget

RWTH Aachen University

Hisham Hafez

University of Leeds

Sreejith Krishnan

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

Aslam Kunhi

IIT Madras

Diana Londono-Zuluaga

Cementir Holding, Denmark

William Wilson

Université de Sherbrooke

LMC PhD Theses since 2015

Concrete cancer : characterization of Alkali Silica Reaction early stage products by electron microscopy

PhD Graduate: Solène ALBINSKI

Investigation of the grade of calcined clays used as clinker substitute in Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3)

PhD Graduate: François AVET

Impact of water activity on the mineralogy of hydrated cement


Aggregate dissolution in different pore solutions, kinetics

PhD Graduate: Mahsa BAGHERI

Impact of the supplementary cementitious materials on the kinetics and microstructural development of cement hydration

PhD Graduate: Élise BÉRODIER

Maximizing the use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) in blended cements

PhD Graduate: Yosra BRIKI

Characterisation and hydration of ye’elimite containing cements

PhD Graduate: Frank BULLERJAHN

Atomistic modeling of C-S-H: bulk and surface

PhD Graduate: Ziga CASAR

Stability of hydrate assemblages and properties of cementitious systems with higher alumina content

PhD Graduate: Natechanok CHITVORANUND

Hydration of multi-component cements containing cement clinker, slag, calcareous fly ash and limestone

PhD Graduate: Paweł DURDZIŃSKI

Hydration and durability of fast hardening binders incorporating supplementary cementitious materials

PhD Graduate: Sarra EL HOUSSEINI

Nanoscale modelling of ionic transport in the porous C-S-H network

PhD Graduate: Khalil FERJAOUI

Impact of alkali salts on the kinetics and microstructural development of cementitious systems

PhD Graduate: Mota GASSÓ

Investigation of the use of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) applied to Thailand

PhD Graduate: Wilasinee HANGPONGPUN

Precipitation, Characterization, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Modelling of Synthetic C-S-H Systems (C-S-H, CASH, CSH+$)

PhD Graduate: Maya HARRIS

Prediction of autogenous shrinkage in fly ash blended cement systems

PhD Graduate: Zhangli HU

The role of Zn in C-S-H atomic structure, nucleation and growth

PhD Graduate: Anna MORALES

Modeling the kinetics of the main peak and later age of alite hydration

PhD Graduate: Alex OUZIA

Reactive dicalcium silicate binders: Microstructure and transport properties

PhD Graduate: Adrian Alexandru PÎRVAN (at HeidelbergCement)

Characterization of water sorption cycle in the cement microstructure of controlled oxide composition

PhD Graduate: Monisha RASTOGI (at HeidelbergCement)

Carbonation of low carbon binders

PhD Graduate: Wioletta SOJA

Effect of alkali, aluminium and equilibration time on calcium-silicate-hydrates

PhD Graduate: Julien STON

Effect of ZnO on the reactivity of cementitious systems

PhD Graduate: Andrea TEIXEIRA

Atomistic Simulation of Cementitious Systems: An Insight Into Adsorption of Ions and Small Molecules Onto Portlandite and C-S-H Surfaces

PhD Graduate: Masood VALAVI

Resistance of cementitious materials to sulfate attack: quantifying performance with a reliable unidirectional approach

PhD Graduate: Qiao WANG

Effect of alkali, aluminium and equilibration time on calcium-silicate-hydrates

PhD Graduate: Yiru YAN (at Empa)

Limestone calcined clay cements (LC3): raw material processing, sulfate balance and hydration kinetics

PhD Graduate: Franco ZUNINO