Methods and instruments

Methods and instruments at LTP

Acoustic Attenuation: Colloidal Dynamics, Acoustosizer II (20 nm – 10 µm).
Photocentrifuge: Horiba Capa 700 (10 nm – 300 µm).
Photocentrifuge: Differential Disc Centrifuge Particle Size Analyser, CPS Instruments Europe (5 nm – 40 µm).
Photon Correlation Spectroscopy: Zeta PALs, Brookhaven Instruments (2 nm – 1 µm).
X-ray Disc Centrifuge: Brookhaven Instruments (10 nm – 100 µm).
Laser Diffraction: Malvern Mastersizer S (50nm – 1000 µm)

Other methods available at EPFL

X-ray powder diffraction: Crystal domain size from line broadening.
Microscopy: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), confocal optical microscopy.