Jesse won an “impressive talk award” at the 3rd Annual Cornell Biophysics Symposium!

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Jesse, our 4th year graduate student member and an AHA predoctoral fellow (and a former fellow of the Cornell NIH CBI program), was honored by an “impressive talk award” for his oral presentation at the Cornell University Annual Biophysics Symposium! Photo: Jesse led a recent Aye Lab outreach workshop session for the Masters Program Teachers (...)

Daniel’s LiveSlides are now available for our ACS-Editors’-Choice communication

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ACS Editors’ Choice Communication LiveSlides Daniel, a co-lead author of the publication, is our 3rd year graduate student and NSF GRFP fellow Precision Electrophile Tagging in Caenorhabditis elegans Marcus J. C. Long#, Daniel A. Urul#, Shivansh Chawla#, Hong-Yu Lin+, Yi Zhao+, Joseph A. Haegele, Yiran Wang, and Yimon Aye* (#, co-first authors. +, co-second authors. (...)

Glow-worms! A new protocol to perform targeted RES delivery in living worms is released

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September 2017 – Original Research Communication – “Precision electrophile tagging in C. elegans” Selected as an “ACS Editors’ Choice” article! Electrophile adduction to privileged sensor proteins and the resulting phenotypically-dominant responses are increasingly appreciated to be essential for metazoan health. Functional similarities between the biological electrophiles and electrophilic pharmacophores commonly found in covalent drugs further fortify (...)

Our lab was honored by the 2017 ACS Buck-Whitney Award – we thank the American Chemical Society for this recognition

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This biannual award selected by the Eastern New York Section of the American Chemical Society recognizes excellent and original contributions to pure & applied chemistry Link to Previous Awardees Cornell University College of Arts & Sciences News