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Jinmin pockets Master Thesis Prize in Chemical Biology!

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We are excited to congratulate Jinmin for snatching the best master thesis prize award in NCCR Chemical Biology! For more information about this one-of-a-kind interface training program for master students, please check out: NCCR master program in chemical biology We are now accepting program applications from aspiring chemical biologists worldwide: the upcoming deadline is end (…)

A SPARK of inspiration gave us the chance to JUMP forward

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We thank the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)’s pilot funding scheme SPARK, that is designed to promote unconventional projects and uses a new double-blind reviewing process, for supporting our proposed idea, JUMP, among >700 submissions.

The role of the ZRANB3/RNR signaling axis in cancer comes into focus

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Our new paper detailing how ZRANB3 is a poignant example of non-oncogene addiction in H-RasG12V-induced transformation and how nuclear RNR-alpha can inhibit this function is set to appear in Cell Chemical Biology. Critically, some approved anti-cancer drugs targeting RNR-alpha such as clofarabine also taps into this pathway: Clofarabine commandeers the RNR-α—ZRANB3 nuclear signaling axis We (…)

Three is not a crowd!

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(W)Hu ‘R’ you? A key transcription factor in a druggable pathway is regulated by two mRNA-binding proteins in a mechanism conserved from humans to zebrafish: Post-transcriptional regulation of Nrf2-mRNA by the mRNA-binding proteins HuR and AUF1 Poganik et al. Just Accepted FASEB Journal Gotta get with my friends!: in this invited opinion piece (in Current (…)

2020 ACS Award in Biological Chemistry

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We thank the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the award sponsor, Eli Lilly & Co., for recognizing our lab with the prestigious ACS Eli Lilly Award. Previous awardees since 1935