Research Programs

T-REX™ Electrophile Delivery & G-REX™ Profiling of Privileged Sensors Responsive to Native Signaling Electrophiles & Covalent Drugs

We are exploiting T-REX target-specific electrophile delivery and G-REX direct profiling platforms that our lab has recently developed, to deconstruct individual electrophilic signaling events in living systems, specifically, cultured animal cells, larval zebrafish, and C. elegans.

Selected publications from our team’s precision electrophile signaling research program:

J Am Chem Soc (2013) (original research)

J Am Chem Soc (2015) (original research)

J Am Chem Soc (2015) (original research)

J Am Chem Soc (2016) (perspective) – Selected by the JACS Editors as a JACS SpotsLight Article

Nature Protocols (2016) (protocol paper)

Nature Chemical Biology (2017) (original research)
[Selected for News & Views in the same journal Nature Chemical Biology (2017) 13 244]

Cell Chemical Biology (2017) (perspective)

Cell Chemical Biology (2017) (original research)

ACS Biochemistry (2017) (original research)- Selected as an ACS Editors’ Choice Article

ACS Central Science (2018) (original research)

ACS Chemical Biology (2018) (original research)

Chemical Reviews (2018) – ACS (review article)

Trends in Biochemical Sciences (2018) (review article)

Current Opinion in Chemical Biology (2019) (opinion piece

Trends in Biochemical Sciences (2019) (technological corner

FASEB Journal (2019) (original research)

ACS Central Science (2020) (original research)

Acc Chem Res (2021) (invited review)

Nature Communications (2021) (original research)

PNAS (2022) (original research)

eLife (2022) (original research)

Nature Protocols (2023) (original technology)




Novel Functions of Protein Multimers in Nucleotide Signaling, DNA Biogenesis, and Genome Maintenance

We are seeking to advance mechanistic understanding of nucleotide drugs-driven protein oligomeric regulation and functional consequences in DNA replication and genome integrity through approaches that combine in vitro studies, cell culture, and through collaboration, electron microscopy and studies in mice models.

Biochemistry (2013) (original research)

ChemBioChem (2014) (original research)

Oncogene (2015) (review article)

ACS Chem Bio (2016) (original research)

Nature Chemical Biology (2018) (original research)

ChemBioChem (2018) – ChemBioTalents special issue (invited review article) 

Current Opinion in Chemical Biology (2019) (invited opinion piece) 

Cell Chemical Biology (2020) (original research)

Springer Book Chapter (2022) (invited contribution)