Conference contributions

Leutenegger M., Robelek R., Sinner E.K., Lasser T.
Single molecule imaging of odorant receptors in supported planar lipid membranes
EPFL Photonics day 2006, Lausanne, Switzerland (24 Nov 2006)


Serov A., Lasser T.
Laser perfusion imaging system for acquiring flow-related images of object for medical diagnosis comprises coherent light source and image sensor(s) made by randomly addressed two-dimensional array of integrating photodetectors
WO2006111909-A1 (26 Oct 2006) Serov A., Lasser T.
High speed laser Doppler perfusion imaging system e.g. blood flow imaging system, detects laser Doppler signal and/or laser speckle signal from light reflected from selected blood vessel area, to obtain flow data
WO2006111836-A1 (26 Oct 2006)