Book contributions

Froehly L., Bachmann A., Lasser T., Lang F.
Topographie par interférométrie spectrale multiplexée en longueur d’onde in
Faupel M., Smigielski P., Grzymala R.
“Imagerie et Photonique pour les Sciences du Vivant et la Médecine”
ISBN 2-88476-005-9, Fontis Media, p. 275-286 (2004)

Conference contributions

Parallel FCS and FcCS
Workshop on FCS, Dresden, Germany (5-6 Oct 2004) Abstract Hassler K., Gösch M., Anhut T., Rigler R., Lasser T.
FCS with high countrates in TIR configuration
Workshop on FCS, Dresden, Germany (5-6 Oct 2004) Abstract Hwang L.C., Gösch M., Lasser T., Wohland T.
Two- and Three-color fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy with single laser wavelength excitation
Workshop on FCS, Dresden, Germany (5-6 Oct 2004) Abstract Rao R., Serov A., Sidler T., Lopez A., Gösch M., Rigler R., Lasser T.
Temperature controlled FCS measurements with a thermally decoupled sample holder using a Solid Immersion Lens
Workshop on FCS, Dresden, Germany (5-6 Oct 2004) Abstract Zeller M., Limberger H.G., Lasser T.
An all-fiber Pr/Yb-doped up-conversion laser in different laser operation modes
Proceedings of SPIE 5457: 621-626 (Sep 2004) Rigler R., Edman L., Wennmalm S., Leutenegger M., Anhut T., Lasser T.
Non equilibrium catalysis of single enzyme molecules
Abstracts of papers of the Americal Chemical Society 228: U201-U202 7-PHYS Part 2 (22 Aug 2004) Serov A., Rao R., Gösch M., Anhut T., Martin D., Brunner R., Rigler R., Lasser T.
Subwavelength-resolution fluorescent correlation spectroscopy using a solid immersion lens
Proceedings of SPIE 5486: 307-314 (Jul 2004) Serov A., Gösch M., Rochas A., Blom H., Anhut T., Besse P.A., Popovic R.S., Lasser T., Rigler R.
Parallel fluorescence correlation spectroscopy with a fully integrated single photon 2×2 detector array made with conventional CMOS technology
Proceedings of SPIE 5474: 248-258 (Aug 2004) Karamata B., Laubscher M., Lambelet P., Anhut T., Lasser T.
Light sources for optical cross-talk suppression in wide-field optical coherence tomography
Proceedings of SPIE 5316: 268-277 (Jul 2004)


Lasser T., Lopez A., Sidler T., Favre S., Gianotti R.
Adjustable illumination or detection beam pinhole for laser scanning microscope has two knife blades with triangular apertures moving in front of slit with lamp and optical detector
WO2004104647-A1 (02 Dec 2004); DE10323922-A1 (16 Dec 2004); EP1625427-A1 (15 Feb 2006); JP2007500872-W (18 Jan 2007); EP1625427-B1 (21 Mar 2007); DE502004003287-G (03 May 2007) Hauger C., Lasser T., Siegel A., Höller F., Knupfer K., Monz L., Gross H., Hökker F.
Interferometer coordinate measurement system for use in measurement and machining tools has partially reflecting boundary surfaces within its measurement head with a separation shorter than the coherence length
WO2004057266-A2 (08 Jul 2004); DE10260256-A1 (15 Jul 2004); AU2003290103-A1 (14 Jul 2004); DE10260256-B4 (17 Feb 2005); DE10260256-B9 (30 Jun 2005); DE10392656-T (22 Dec 2005)