Wendy Suzuki

Harnessing the Power of Good Anxiety


Collectively, we are living through a time of unprecedented uncertainty including what feels like an endless series of real and existential threats to our health and well-being.  These unique times have led to some of the highest levels of anxiety that have been reported in the general population.  Prof. Suzuki will describe a novel,  practical, and science-based  approach to transform “bad” anxiety to good.  This shift from bad to good anxiety can help you accelerate focus and productivity, boost performance and even foster more creativity.  You will leave this presentation with a set of concrete tools that will allow you to harness the brain activation underlying your anxiety and make it work for you. 


Dr. Wendy Suzuki is an award-winning Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at New York University where she studies the effects of physical activity and meditation on the brain.  She is a best-selling author of the book Healthy Brain Happy Life that was also made into a PBS special. Her TED talk on the brain-changing benefits of exercise has more than 55 million views. Her second book Good Anxiety: Harnessing the Power of the Most Misunderstood Emotion was published in Fall of 2021. Suzuki is a passionate thought leader, spreading the understanding of how we can use the principles of brain plasticity to maximize our brain’s performance and transform our lives for the better.