Databases – Genomic

Human Genome Database
Draft Human Genome @ NCBI
Draft Human Genome @ UCSC
Ensembl – automatic annotation of Eukaryotic genes
GDB – Genome Database
GeneCards – human genes, proteins and related diseases
Mammalian Gene Collection – offers full length sequences and DNA clones for HUMAN AND MOUSE
International Nucleotide Sequence Databases
DDBJ – DNA Data Bank of Japan
EBI – European Bioinformatics Institute
NCBI – National Center for Biotechnology Information

Other Organism
Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
DictyBase – Dictyostelium discoideum
EcoGene – E. coli
Fruit Fly

Genomes OnLine Database,

information on complete and ongoing genome projects
HIV sequence database
Mouse Genome Informatics
Saccharomyces Genome Database
The Arabidopsis Information Resource
The Proteome Databases – yeast, worm, & human, good annotation
TIGR Comprehensive Microbial Resource
TIGR Microbial Database
WormBase – C. elegans
Searching and Tools – Genomics Sequence Alignment

Bioccelerator @ EMBL – database searches using Smith-Waterman’s algorithm
BLAST @ NCBI – basic local alignment tool
FASTA @ EBI – sequence similarity and homology searching using FASTA
PSI-BLAST @ NCBI – Protein blast

Databases of Gene Regulation and Cell Signaling
Bodymap – human and mouse gene expression datab
ExpressDB – database containing yeast and E. coli expression data
HuGE – human gene expression index
Stanford Microarray Database – database of microarray experiments

Gene Regulation
Cister – cis-element cluster finder
DBTSS – database of transcriptional start sites
DCPD – Drosophila Core Promoter Database
DPInteract – DNA protein binding sites within E. coli DNA
EPD – eukaryotic promoter database