International Consortia

 The Lashuel group is an active and integral member of several international consortia focusing on the development of novel biomarkers and assays for early diagnosis, monitoring disease progression and establishing target engagement in clinical trails of Parkinson’s disease. Our role in these consortia ranges from identification of novel biomarkers to developing novel assays and reagents to serving as a reference site for quality control and validation of assays and reagents used by members of the various consortia. In addition to participating in four Michael J Fox Foundation led and funded consortia, Prof. Lashuel also coordinates the newly established ABL pathway Biomarkers Consortium aimed at developing and validating assays appropriate for assessing the impact of c-Abl kinase inhibitors (e.g.,nilotinib) in clinical studies for Parkinson’s disease.

ABL pathway Biomarkers Consortium

Michael J Fox Foundation (2017 – 2019)

European Consortia/aSynProtec

Alpha-synuclein pathology propagation in Parkinson’s disease and quest for novel protective strategies