Alumni/Visiting Scientists

Interns Lashuel Lab 2018

Open your lab and give young and aspiring scientists the opportunities they deserve to discover the excitement of research and realize their full potential. Sharing the excitement of science & research and training the next generation of scientists are at the core of our mission at the EPFL and the Lashuel lab.

As faculty and scientists we are truly privileged and have many tools and resources to make a difference in science and society in so many different ways. Most of us are in science today because someone at one point of time extended their hands and opened their door to us. We can not take all the students that reach out to us, but if we all do our share we can reach out, touch and hopefully transform the lives of many.

It has been a great pleasure hosting and working with these 9 talented and highly motivated bachelor(4), master(4) and PhD students(1). We are grateful to them for their valuable contributions to our science and making our laboratory a great place to be. They will always be members of the Lashuel group.




PhD Students

Name Degree Previous institution
Previous Position Current position Current institution
David Viertel MSc University of  Lausanne, Swtzerland PhD Student Postdoc Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois
Asad Qureshi MD EPFL, Lab of Neural Micro Circuitry, Switzerland PhD Student Postdoc Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, Vancouver, Canada
Farah El-Turk MSc Ecole nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier, France PhD Student Postdoc Cambridge University UK
Hajer Ouertatani- Sakouhi MSc University of Neuchâtel & EPFL, Laboratory of Cellular Biotech., Switzerland PhD Student Postdoc University of Geneva
Mirva Hejjaoui MSc     Operations Management Support Syngenta Crop Protection, Basel


Post-doctoral Fellows

Name Degree Previous Institution Previous Position Current Position Current institution  
Adrian Schmid PhD University College of Dublin, Ireland PhD Student Postdoc EPFL-PCF
Katerini Paleologou PhD Lancaster University, Department of Biological Sciences, U.K. PhD Student Postdoc Harvard Medical School
Lionel Terzi PhD University of Geneva, Switzerland Research Associate Postdoc University of Dundee Scottish Crop Rese Inst.
Valerie Grimminger PhD Technische Universität Munich Department of Biotech., Germany PhD Student Research Scientist Nestlé Institue of Health Sciences
Tristan Bolmont PhD University of Basel, Switzerland PhD Student Postdoc EPFL, BMI, Prof. Fraering Group
Saviana DiGiovanni PhD University of Geneva School of Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD Student Postdoc  
Diana Olschewski PhD Max-Plank-Institute of Molecula Physiology, Dortmund, Germany Postdoc Research Scientist Lonza , Valais
Sara Butterfield PhD University of Geneva, Switzerland Postdoc Postdoc  
Michel Prudent PhD EPFL, Lab of Physical & Analytical Electrochemistry, Switzerland PhD Student Postdoc Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois
Margot Fournier PhD Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris VI PhD Student Postdoc Centre de Neurosciences Psychiatriques (CNP)
Loay Awad PhD     Postdoc    
Mark Baillie PHD     Postdoc    
Zhe-Ming Wang PHD          

Master Students

Name Institution  
Jonas Fuks Kundliga TekniskaHögskolan, Sweden
Véronique Vocat EPFL, LMNN
Nino Jejelava    
Amer Ashrafi    
Nadia Hidaoui    
Gizem Zorludemir    


Name Position Institution  
Verene Pignat, M.S Research Assistant EPFL, LMNN
John Perrin Laboratory Assistant    

Undergraduate Students


Name Institution  

Alexandra Fragnière

EPFL, Switzerland

Keshav Krishnamani

EPFL, Switzerland

Ekaterina Ananievskaia

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Xiao Annie Wang

Harvard University, USA

Ayat Mourad

EPFL, School of Life Sciences

Stephanie Metzger

EPFL, School of Life Sciences

Radhakrishnan P. N.

MRDG, Indian Institute of Science

Jue Wang

Harvard University, USA

Ivan Hang

Summer Scholar,Croatia

Benjamin Simone

EPFL-School of Life Sciences

Razan Sheta

University of British Columbia

Yan Tan

Peking University

Keshav Krishnamani

EPFL-School of Life Sciences

Jenny Zhang

Hong Kong University

Ghada Al Mahmoud

Qatar University

Ayah Khubieh


Oke Isdin

McGill University, Canada

Takao Nobumasa

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Xavier Dubas  EPFL, LMNN
Jonathan Lovas  
Elvira Pirondini  EPFL, School of Life Sciences Flag of Italy.svg
Olivia Chen  Ohio State University, USA
Gallal Obeid  University of Michigan, USA
Salam Abdelatif  Al-Quds University, Palestine
Kim Kibong    

Visiting scientists / Scholars

Name Institution  

Sidhartha Chafeka

Neurogenetics Laboratory Academic Medical Centre, Netherland

Alessandra Chesi

Lab. of Neurobiology, International School for Advanced Studies, Italy

Prof. Hamda Al-Naemi

Dept of Biol. Sciences, Qatar Uni.

Muriel Arimon

University of Barcelona , Spain

Simona Carmen Eleuteri

University of Bologna, Italy

Luís Miguel Oliveira

Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz

Marie-Rose Bussière