European Consortia/aSynProtec: Alpha-synuclein pathology propagation in Parkinson’s disease and quest for novel protective strategies

 This consortium aims to address fundamental questions on the origin and the molecular mechanisms causing the development of synucleinopathies and to design innovative protective strategies, with combined cuttingedge technologies and complementary and multidisciplinary approaches, such as protein chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics, cell and molecular biology, PD patient-derived iPS
cells, microbiome analysis and imaging techniques. The fulfillment of this program will contribute signi-ficantly to advancing our understanding of the interplay between genetic and environmental risk factors and their role in the initiation of a-synuclein aggregation and pathology spreading in PD and related synucleinopathies. The findings may also be generally applicable to other neurodegenerative diseases. Read More…



Hilal Lashuel, EPFL, Switzerland
Jia-Yi Li, Lund University, Sweden
Tiago Outeiro, University Medical Center Goettingen, Germany
Olaf Riess, University of Tuebingen, Germany
Pekka Kallunki, H. Lundbeck A/S Copenhagen, Denmark
Daniel Otzen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Richard Wade-Martins, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Jeroen Raes, Leuven University, Belgium