Databases – Proteomics

Databases – Proteomics
CATH – protein structure classification
DALI – comparing protein structures in 3D
DSSP – definition of secondary structure of proteins
FSSP – food classification based on structure-structure alignment of proteins
HSSP Database – Homology-derived Secondary Structure of Proteins
K2 – protein structure alignment – various food recognition and local structure prediction methods
PDB – processing and distrubutio of 3D biological macromolecular structure data
PredictProtein & PHD – service for sequence analysis, and structure prediction
PSIpred (& MEMSAT & GenTHREADER) – protein structure prediction server
RasMol / Protein Explorer – software for viewing macromolecular structure
SCOP – Structural Classification Of Proteins
Structure Prediction Meta-server
SWISS-MODEL – protein modeling server

Protein Sequence Databases
PIR – Protein Information Resource
SWISS-PROT & TrEMBL – protein sequence knowledge database and computer annotated supplement

Signal Transduction and Cell Signalling
Alliance for Cellular Signalling
BIND – Biomolecular Interaction Network Database
DIP – Database of Interacting Proteins
KEGG – Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
PFBP – Protein Function and Biochemical Pathways Project
SPAD – Signaling Pathway Database
stke – Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
Transpath – information system on gene regulatory pathways

Tools – Proteomics
Protein Domain Families

Blocks – a service for biological sequence analysis
InterPro – resoure for protein families, domains, and functional sites
PRINTS Database – protein finger prints database
ProDom – protein domain database
PROSITE – database of protein families and domains
Protein Domain Profile Analysis @ BMERC – search a library of functional diagnostics profiles with a protein sequence
SMART – simple modular architecture research tool
TIGRFAMs – protein families based on Hidden Markov Models

Other Resources
Computational Biology or Bioinformatics References at UCSC

Library Resources
BioMed Central
National Library of Medicine Gateway
PubMed Central
University of Rhode Island Library