Company :

Synaestech is an experience-design company. The main purpose of the company is to foster creativity and innovation in organizations by promoting a human-centered design approach to technology development and adoption. In doing so, the company invests in the research, development and commercialization of experience-reconstruction methods, information and communication technology prototyping, and socio-economic analysis of natural and engineered systems.

Use of SEAM :

Synaestech is currently using SEAM to manage multi-stakeholder discussions on technology adoption for Irrigation Management Services in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. SEAM has been particularly useful in helping stakeholders “self-discover” their roles and responsibilities that new technologies will bring with it. Self-realization and visualizing multiple perspectives side-by-side, helped in preparing the stakeholders for the transformations required for technology adoption. 

Virtual Supplier – Interpreting Consumption Role in a Supply System

Quote :

SEAM brings people together!! The constructivist approach followed in SEAM ensures that no opinion is marginalized and no voice is stronger than the other. It is this inclusive mandate of Systems Thinking that SEAM realizes to the fullest, thus making the most uncomfortable discussions comfortable.” 

Anshuman Saxena, Founder and CEO