Student Projects

If you are interested in doing a project with us please contact the head of Laboratoy Prof.Alain Wegmann

Past Projects 2015/2016 (# 3)

  • Nemanja Drobnjak (Project IN II) – Self assessment tool for IT project leadership
  • Matteo Filipponi (Project IN II) – SEAM to Scala Model to Text Transformation
  • Timothée Emery (Project IN II) – Visualization of an Information Systems Cartography

Past Projects 2014/2015 (# 3)

  • Gianni Scarnera (Project IN II) – Etude de notations de modélisation métier
  • Manuroop Kondepudi (Project SC I) – Application System Refactoring
  • Nina Desnica (Project IN II) – Similarities and Differences between Business and IT Modelling

Past Projects 2013/2014 (# 4)

  • Alexis Kessel (Project IN II) – Formalisation of Goal-Belief using Attempto
  • Michael Michel Susplugas (Project SC I) – SEAM Prototyping using Arcimboldo
  • Aarthi Gopal (Optional project) – Comparison of modeling tools – SEAM CAD and Archimate with EPFL case study
  • Ahmed Mouhtaine (Project IN II) – Systemic Approach for Accounting in IT Businesses

Past Projects 2012/2013 (# 6)

  • Loya Aniruddha (Optional project) – Development of an artifact for designing IT-based Business Models
  • Hounkpatin Quentin Alban (Project SC II) – Formalizing Natural Language Constructs to Specify Goal-Belief Model of Human Practical Reasoning
  • Trejo Becerril Rodica Sheyna (Optional project SC) – Designing Constructs to Specify Goal-Belief Model of Human Practical Reasoning
  • Almaguer Ramirez Sergio Eduardo (Project IN II) – A systemic approach for modeling business and marketing concepts based on’s case
  • Vasilescu Oana-Maria (Optional project IN) – Study on BPMN, BPEL and Web Services Development
  • Golubev Sergey (Project IN II) – Towards the implementation of SEAM model

Past Projects 2011/2012 (# 8)

  • Khalfi Imad (Project SC II) – Strategy Maps and Goal Belief Modeling
  • Balas Martin (Optional project IN) – JolieBox
  • Hanser Valérian (Project IN II) – System Dynamic and Enterprise Architecture
  • Dosmukhamedov Diyar (Optional project IN) – Semantic Ordering of Concepts
  • Viswanathan Vijay (Project IN II) – Business-IT
  • Ilic Sanja (Project SC II) – Wizard for Goal-Belief Capture
  • Coca Olmos Cievoloth Gilber (Optional project IN) – Relationship Between GB and SAR in Marketing Analysis
  • Coca Olmos Cievoloth Gilber (Project IN II) – Guidelines for Perception / Consequence Modelling

Past Projects 2010/2011 (# 4)

  • Tourino Pablo (Project IN II) – Business Model Mining
  • Mader Arnaud (Project IN II) – Guidelines for Perception / Consequence Modelling
  • Kim Miji (Project IN II) – System Dynamic
  • Tapandjieva Gorica (Project IN) – Guidelines for Perception / Consequence Modelling

Past Projects 2008/2009 (# 1)

  • Kwanga Rodrigue (Project IN II) – Formalization of Goal-Belief Models Using Controlled English

Past Projects 2007/2008 (# 6)

  • Mardambey Karim (Optional project SC) – Correspondence Between Formal Representations and Diagrammatic Representations in SEAM
  • Droz-dit-Busset Arnault (Project IN) – From Swing to Google Window Toolkit: how to Develop GUI Independent Software
  • Tagliani Raphaël (Specialisation project IN) – Créer l’Architecture de la version 3 de l’ERP SAINet, Réaliser cette Architecture Distribuée, et Intégrer IBM Sametime à l’ERP afin de Montrer des Statistiques Portant sur les Logs de Cette Application
  • Imhoff Lionel (Project IN) – Validation of Java Software using Light-Weight Formal Methods
  • Signori Jean (Project IN) – Transformation of SEAM Visual Models Using ATL
  • Estoppey Quentin (Project SC II) – Intégration d’une Application de Gestion des Contrats dans les SI de l’EPFL

Past Projects 2006/2007 (# 3)

  • Aganovic Lajla (Project SC II) – L’outil SEAM pour le Business
  • Etzweiler Dominik (Project SC II) – SOA / BPM
  • Bidiville Yvan (Project SC II) – Lightswitch Modeling Tool V4

Past Projects 2005/2006 (# 8)

  • Desboeufs Michaël (Project IN) – Automatic Java Code Generation from the Alloy Specification Language
  • Hussami Lotfi (Project IN) – Alloy Modelisation
  • Quattropani Niccolò (Project SC II) – Development of a CAD Tool to Support Business Planning
  • Salomon Arnaud (Project SC II) – Market Simulation Web Application
  • Matthey Lionel (Projet IN) – Specification and Development of a .NET Application for Problem Tracking”
  • Eder Lukas (Project IN) – Development of a Small CAD tool to Support Goal Modeling
  • Deléamont Stéphanie (Projet SC II) – Development of a Small CAD Tool to Support Goal Modeling
  • Schulé Loïc (Projet IN) – Outil de Traduction UML à VC

Past Projects 2004/2005 (# 11)

  • Ranaivojoelina Tiana Linda (Projet SC II) – Documentation for SeamCad
  • Tabete Noureddine (Project SC II) – Development of a Small CAD Tool to Illustrate Multi-viewpoint Modeling
  • Jordan David (Projet SC) – Projet Business Plan
  • Mardambey Karim (Project SC II) – Development of a CAD Tool for Business Planning
  • Kunfermann Philipp (Project SC II)
  • Kornfilt Mark (Project IN II) – Adding Dynamic Simulation to a Graphical, UML-like, Modeling CAD Tool
  • Jaccard Mathieu (Project SC II) – CAD Tool for Business Planning
  • Maye Jérôme (Project IN) – Galaxy 3000
  • Brichon Mathieu (Project IN) – Business Plan
  • Rhmari Tlemcani Omar (Project SC I) – Self-organized Application for the I&C Buildings
  • Nevski Alexandre (Project IN) – Service en ligne de Conseils en Carrières