This page provides links to topics we analyse in more details. They might not all be related to our research, but we like all of them (hence “goodies”).

Core theory :

  • General Systems Thinking
    Some thoughts in general system thinking, the core of our theory (written by Gil Regev)
  • Constructivism
    Some thoughts on the constructivist epsitemology – all or most of what we perceive is constructed by our mind (written by Alain Wegmann) 
  • Lakatos – Proofs and Refutations
    Beautiful discussion on the relativity of proofs in math. A must read (suggested by Emre Telatar, written by Alain Wegmann)
  • RM-ODP
    The ITU standard which is at the source of our approach. It defines how to specify a distributed systems (written by Andrey Naumenko and Alain Wegmann).

Research domains :

  • Goal modeling
    A discussion of goal-oriented requirements engineering, as goals is in the center of SEAM (written by Gil Regev).
  • Business plan
    Some words on business planning, as our method can be used for such activity(written by Alain Wegmann) Some words on business

Programming :

  • Squeak
    People seem to forget about Smalltalk, one of the first object-oriented languages. This is a reminder of its importance, Squeak is a very nice open implementation of SM80. (written by Alain Wegmann)