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PhD Gorica Tapandjieva
Product manager at Nexthink Switzerland

PhD George Popescu

Consultant at Deloitte Switzerland

2016, Designing Modeling Notations Readers Understand

Blaise Carrupt

Software developer and owner at digicapt sàrl
2010 – 2016, SeamCAD Developer

PhD Biljana Bajic-Bizumic

2015, Animation-Based Service Specification, Verification and Validation

Aarthi Gopal

Consultant at Deloitte Luxembourg
2014, Assistant

PhD Anshuman Saxena

CEO & Founder of Synaestech Sàrl
2014, A Situated and Embodied Approach to Service-oriented Modeling

PhD Arash Golnam

Professor at Business School Lausanne and member of the faculty at Webster University Geneva
2013, Problem Structuring with the Systemic Enterprise Architecture Method: Representation of Systems and Value in Business Contexts and Integration with Operations Research Methods

Julien Ramboz

UI developer at Adobe
2010, SeamCAD developer

PhD Irina Rychkova

Associate Professor at University Paris 1 Pantheon, France
2008, Formal semantics for refinement verification of entreprise models

PhD Lam-Son Le

2008, SeamCAD: a hierarchy-oriented modeling language and a computer-aided tool for entreprise architecture

PhD José Diego de la Cruz

2007, Visual contracts (VCs) : enriching graphical systemic models to support diagrammatic reasoning in system design

PhD Pavel Balabko

Business Consultant at CRIF
2005, Situation-based modeling framework for enterprise architecture

PhD Otto Preiss

Senior VP, Head of Power Electronics Switzerland & Global MV Drives business at ABB Switzerland
2004, Foundations of systems and properties : methodological support for modeling properties of software-intensive systems

Aoife Hegarty

Brand Strategy Consultant at Carnegie Mellon University
2003, Assistant

PhD Andrey Naumenko

Software Architect at Aïmago SA, Switzerland
2002, Triune Continuum Paradigm : a paradigm for general system modeling and its applications for UML and RM-ODP

PhD Txomin Nieva

Engineering Manager at TRAINELEC, Spain
2001, Remote data acquisition of embedded systems using Internet technologies : a role-based generic system specification

Sylvie Vittaz

1999, Assistant

Guy Genilloud

Independant Consultant

Monika Lundell

Training Developer at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Hubert Kirrmann

Independent Consultant at Kirrmann Solutil and ABB Switzerland

Jean-Marc Schwab

Lecturer in Accounting

Thomas Hinderling

Lecturer in Microengineering at EPFL and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) des Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique, CSEM SA