June 29, 2022

CIB World Building Congress, Melbourne 2022.

A che serve la tecnologia? Riflessioni contro l’ideologia del just-do-it

June 6, 2022

Seminario Laboratori di Costruzione dell’architettura,

Scuola di Architettura, Urbanistica e Ingegneria delle Costruzioni (AUIC),

Politecnico di Milano

La conception des bâtiments comme catalyseur de la culture de la sobriété énergétique

May 31, 2022

Assises européennes de la transition énergétique, Palaexpo, Genève.

Workshop ‘Anticiper les besoins de compétences-métiers pour réaliser la transition énergétique’. Atelier 6. 

April 29, 2022

Conférence 3. Cycle de conférences sur la Culture du bâti at ULB Faculté d’Architecture.

December 20, 2021

At University of Granada.

October 6, 2021

Thematic research seminar The Global architect, at Politecnico di Milano.

August 25, 2021

Conversaciones Creativas Internacionales, Capacidad de Carga y Gestión Sustentable de Territorios, Online symposium, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Santiago, Chile, Panelist.

May 29, 2021

In this symposium organized by the Institute of Architecture and the City, and chaired by Paolo Tombesi at the Rolex Learning Center, an international group of architects explore architecture’s ability to act upon what is critical and required today.

August 20, 2019

Escuela de Arquitectura, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Santiago, Chile.

June 4, 2019

Accademia di San Luca, Rome, Italy, International Symposium ‘Teaching and Practice of Architecture’.

Architectural research and the emancipation of design

April 10, 2019

Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura Granada, Spain, ‘Miradas cruzadas: las atenciones del proyecto’ Lecture Series.

February 11, 2019

CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India, Faculty of Architecture Lecture Series.

August 10-12, 2018.

Paolo Tombesi participates in the Kurula Varkey Design Forum at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. The Kurula Varkey Design Forum is a festival event hosted by the students of the Faculty of Architecture, where selected projects of students from various schools of architecture from India are presented and discussed before an international panel of critics.

June 27-29, 2018.

FAR coordinates a special session at CODEV’s UNESCO Chair 2018 International Tech4Dev Conference. The session – International cooperation and construction: The relationship between bureaucracy and innovation – focusses on the efficacy of construction activity as support for development.

June 27-29, 2018.

Paolo Tombesi delivers a lecture – Duration, location and intelligence: Terms of an industrial conflict? – at the International Colloquium ‘Habiter aujourd’hui: De la ville intelligente à la ville durable’, organised at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Montepellier.


Concurrent engineering: ambitions and realities

June 12, 2018.

Paolo Tombesi delivers a lecture-seminar on concurrent engineering at the 2018 Convention of the Technical Department of Losinger Marazzi at EPFL’s Swiss Tech Convention Center.

May 16, 2018.

Paolo Tombesi delivers the address ‘Scrivere e rappresentare la storia: La complicazione giurgoliana’ at the symposium ‘Romaldo Giurgola: Nemo Propheta in Patria’, organized at the Casa dell’Architettura at the Acquario Romano by the Institute of Architects of Rome, to commemorate the italian-american architect two years after his death.

March 27, 2018.

Paolo Tombesi moderates a debate on the technological power of architecture at the Casa de Arquitectura in Matosinhos, Portugal. The debate is part of a two-day event linked to the exhibition Poder Arquitectura, organised by Jorge Carvalho, Pedro Bandeira and Ricardo Carvalho.

March 10, 2018.

Paolo Tombesi delivers two lectures at the Symposium Social Structures, smart development and economic growth, organised by the Australia India Institute at the University of Melbourne. The symposium aims at bringing ‘people’ to the fore of the debate on smart urban development and regional innovation.

September 29, 2017.

Paolo Tombesi gives the opening lecture of the Academic Year 2017-2018 at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra in Pamplona.

August 21, 2017.

Paolo Tombesi presents a tribute lecture to the life and work of Romaldo Giurgola (1920-2016) at the Melbourne School of Design, as part of the activities of the Australian Centre for Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage.

June 6, 2017.

Paolo Tombesi gives a public lecture at the Opificio Golinelli in Bologna, as part of the SOS Open Lecture Series of the School of Sustainability of Mario Cucinella Architects.

May 16, 2017.

Paolo Tombesi gives a Lectio Magistralis at the Accademia di San Luca, in Palazzo Carpegna in Rome, to celebrate the Academician Romaldo Giurgola, one year from his passing.

May 4-6, 2017.

Paolo Tombesi gives a series of lectures and seminars at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia, to disseminate the work being done at the Smart Living Lab in Fribourg.

March 27, 2017.

Paolo Tombesi gives his inaugural lecture as EPFL Professor.

February 9, 2017.

Paolo Tombesi lectures at the Msheireb Enrichment Centre in Doha, Qatar, on the dynamics of innovation in construction.

January 30-31, 2017.

Paolo Tombesi takes part into two celebrative events at the College of Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT University) in Ahmedabad, India, honouring Bharat Dave (1956-2014) and Romaldo Giurgola (1920-2016).

November 9, 2016.

Paolo Tombesi moderates the final panel of the Ove Arup Foundation Workshop at the School of Civil Engineering of the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

October 20, 2015.

Paolo Tombesi delivers a public lecture on construction innovation at the International Construction Industry Exhibition Edifica 2015 in Santiago, Chile.

September 29, 2015.

Paolo Tombesi participates in the debate on ‘architectural research and future practice’ organised at the Brisbane Museum by the School of Architecture of the University of Queensland.

Passage through India: The journey of one man’s ideas on the construction of history, places and cities

January 28, 2015

School of Architecture and Planning, Delhi.

January 22, 2015

Akshara Foundation, Ahmedabad, India.

November 7, 2014

School of Engineering, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, Panelist.

A different kind of industrial design: The natural point of arrival of Utzon’s innovation strategies

March 9, 2014

What would Utzon do now? The 4th International Utzon Symposium, Sydney Opera House.

February 28, 2014

Piranesi and the Impact of the Late Baroque Symposium, The Australian Institute of Art History, The University of Melbourne.

New Technologies / New processes – Architecture and Construction Roundtable

May 24, 2013

BMW Edge @ Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia, Panelist.

May 31, 2012

Human Settlement Session Chair, 2012 Tech4Dev International Conference, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

October 30, 2011

Old School/New School, ACSA Administrators Conference, Los Angeles, United States, Keynote speech.

May 20, 2011

An Integrated System of Education for the Built Environment Symposium, Centre for the Study of the Production of the Built Environment (ProBE), University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

In the shadow of the Sydney Opera House

May 5, 2011

Architectural Design between Teaching and Research, 1st International Congress of ReteVitruvio, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy, keynote speech.