System Rapa Nui

The objective of Superstudio is to provide final-year students with an opportunity to experience multidisciplinary design within a data-rich work environment. Over the course of 14 weeks, Superstudio participants will learn, firstly, how to relate specialist knowledge to a particular context; secondly, how to integrate numerous technical dimensions into a complex whole.

Rapa Nui, the remote legendary island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, home to the Moai scupltures and also known as Easter Island, will provide the physical context for this exercise. As part of an agreement with the multiple seats of relevant government, Rapa Nui will be the subject of a multi-year engagement for ENAC that will enable the exploration of three scales of intervention: systemic / policy planning (2018), environmental / typological definition (2019), infrastructural / building design (2020).

As such, the focus of this year will be on the development of a regional policy vision, capable to consider and integrate all the issues affecting Rapa Nui’s future sustenance at macro level. The final result will constitute the basis for the work to be carried out in 2019: the definition of environmental building models that can facilitate the performance imagined at territorial level.

Top image: Tombesi (2019)