Carolina Beovic

Lima, Peru - 2018. Agadir, Morocco - 2019. Carolina Beovic

Lima, Peru – 2018. Agadir, Morocco – 2019. Carolina Beovic


Architect (PUC Chile)

MArch (PUC Chile)

Trained as an architect in Chile, Carolina Beovic is interested in the tension that characterizes the role of graphical representation in the architectural design process and project narrative. Her interests are embedded in how the built environment takes shape and progressively adapts or succumbs to cultural changes. Exploring the illustration canvas as a place for unbound architectural inspiration as well as a defining space for architectural qualities, her recent work transits between her independent visual work and her own architectural practice in Chile, where she develops small and medium scale buildings with a direct hands-on approach.

In addition to producing architectural visualization for local and international firms, exhibiting her visual work, and publishing two coauthored illustrated books, she has contributed to large public building projects with careful application of colour and incorporation of visual arts, pursuing a dialog with the local cultural identity and environment.


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HBL 2 46C (Halle Bleue)
Pass. du Cardinal 13b
CH-1700 Fribourg

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Top image: Peru/Morocco, Carolina Beovic 2020.  Bottom image: tutoring, Ricardo Serpell (2018)