Volume Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui, the remote legendary island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, home to the Moai scupltures and also known as Easter Island, has provided the physical context for this exercise over the last three years, in line with a study program set to progress through different scales of intervention: systemic / policy planning (2018), environmental / typological definition (2019), infrastructural / building design (2020). While Superstudio 2018 (System Rapa Nui) carried out an eco-systemic analysis of the island, Superstudio 2019 (Space Rapa Nui) focused on the typological and technological definition of appropriate environmental building models.

This year’s Superstudio (Volume Rapa Nui) will develop a number of prototypes based on real programs and community needs, in principle responding to the systemic challenges identified in the first two editions of Superstudio.

Top image: Tombesi (2018)