CELLS | Controlled Environment for Living Lab Studies

This prototype is a research facility owned by EPFL, but  made available for the all Smart Living Lab researchers (EPFL, HEIA-FR, UNIFR). Set behind the Blue Hall, in Fribourg, the pavillion presents two office rooms with different thermal inertia properties.

This facility was created by the Building 2050 group as part of the research project for the new building of the Smart Living Lab. It was built in June 2016 and has been used for research experimentation.
The design and the construction of this facility and the research project conducted there were followed by Arianna Brambilla and Thomas Jusselme. A detailed explanation of the research project carried out on this facility can be find in the book “Exploring” from the series entitled “Towards 2050”, published by Park Books under the supervision of Marilyne Andersen and Emmanuel Rey in 2019. See below an extract from the Chapter 5.

« Our prototype is a small building comprised of two identical rooms, modelling the dimensions of a typical double office based on SIA 2024 (Seidinger and Menard 2007). The two rooms, which are side by side, are divided by a buffer zone that served as anteroom and technical space during the experiment. […] Each room has two windows on opposite facades, oriented on the SW/NE axis. […] As described earlier, the experimental campaign aimed to compare two extreme conditions (Low Inertia vs. High Inertia) in different scenarios, in order to obtain an initial benchmark regarding thermal inertia performance. It also afforded us the chance to calibrate a virtual model, which allowed for the integration of more scenarios with additional TI levels with longer simulation times. »