Happiness is others

  • Sharing your happiness can help you live it more intensely. Besides, don’t we laugh more easily with others, the laughter of one person leading to the laughter of others? Remember your last laugh


  • Having a network of friends and family that we can count on, to share moments of joy as well as difficult moments, is a basis for building ourselves and moving forward in life. We are interdependent beings!

“The best way for humans to flourish is to accept their interdependence, even to strengthen it, instead of denying it or fighting against it.”

Christophe André


  • Creating and maintaining links with others contributes to well-being and a sense of happiness! As long as these relationships are chosen, and not imposed or toxic, and that they bring life and joy.


  • To be happy, without others? Solitude, when it is not suffered, is often a place of renewal and well-being. It is all a question of balance.


 “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that one is loved, loved for oneself, or better said, loved in spite of oneself.”

Victor Hugo